Thursday, June 25, 2015

My thoughts on Nellie

A young Nellie.
Laura Francois-Eugene, now
SCBPO/Program Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protections, a psychopathic liar and thief

I would have never had thought that a young Nellie would grow up to viciously financially abuse our mother.

How The Theft Began

  • In late 2004, Nellie took our mother to Martinique.  The purpose was to have her name added to mom's bank account.  This was needed 'cause Maurice, aka Ajamu Chaminuka, was accessing it.  And Ajamu Chaminuka was up to no good.
  • We knew about the 30k euros that was down there.  What Nellie also discover was that dad's retirement checks were funding mom's account.  Nellie decided to keep this a secret and secure the funds for herself.
  • The theft of this money would continue until our mothers' death, February 14th, 2015.
  • Nellie thought it would be clever to petition for reimbursements against mom's social security checks as well.
  • Nellie thinking was that Martinique is out of U.S. jurisdiction so she should be able to commit theft of mom's money and make a clean getaway.
  • From late 2004 to midway 2008, Nellie was collecting mom's social security checks.  During that period I was paying 100% of  the utilities, property taxes, insurance and I would venture to say 99% of mom's meals. 
  • When the courts stopped Nellie from accessing mom's Social Security checks (around August of 2008), Nellie stopped buying anything for our mom.  Another way of saying it is that Nellie always came to see mom empty handed after that - no food, no drinks, no snacks, nothing.  The only time Nellie would buy our mother something was on mom's birthday and on mother's day.  And then it would be just a card and maybe some flowers.  Nellie made it clear to me along time ago that she was not interested in spending money on mom.  No, Nellie needed to make/take/steal money from mom - and from her siblings as well
  •  I heard Nellie tell someone that she was here to "protect my inheritance".  Yeah, right.
  • From Probate Court and for the period July 16, 2009 through July 15, 2010, Nellie collected more than $9,900 of mom's social security money in bogus reimbursement claims.  They are bogus because Nellie was also stealing mom's checks in Martinique.
  • Nellie been stealing money from her brothers as the family house in Martinique belongs to all of us.  The statement from the company that was managing the property shows that the house was generating income.  Over the past ten years, I estimate that Nellie has stolen thousands of dollars from her siblings.
Nellie Laura Francois-Eugene, Supervisor at Homeland Security
A Psychopathic Liar and Thief...
outside of the September 1st, 2015
court room hearing.

I have never known Nellie, either as an adult or when we were kids, to wear lipstick, makeup or even a dress.  Unless we were on an outing with mother, Nellie would not wear a dress.

I honestly have no idea why Nellie would steal from our mom.  Or why Nellie would steal from her brothers.  Nor have I ever known Nellie to care for anyone (as in caring for a lover or a child).  For that matter I have never seen Nellie with anyone.  Unless it is business, she always travels alone.

Word has it that she is a bull dagger.  I guess that would, at least in part, explain why she is hating on her brothers so. I'm guessing she was angry with mom choosing us, the males, for certain things and not her. And then, in her sick  psychotic way of thinking, used that as an excuse to viciously financially abuse her mom and siblings.

From the web:

Urban Dictionary: bulldagger
A masculine identifying lesbian; usually African American.
Bull Dagger
A hard core, man hating, feminist lesbian usually sporting a slight mustache. They are usually overweight, pushy and middle aged. They never shave and shower/bath every few days or so. They sometimes seem resentful that they were born a woman.


bull-dagger - Or: bulldagger , derogatory appellation for an aggressively masculine lesbian, more often one who is muscular or burly, who assumes the male role in lovemakingDerived from bull-dogger, a rodeo cowboy, and Bill Pickens, the black cowboy who invented bulldogging. 
Nellie is guilty of at least financially abusing our mom.  She is also guilty of financially abusing her siblings. There has to be a reason why she is an abuser.  The simple answer is that she may have been abuse herself. Ok, I get that.  But this is a quote I found on the world wide web:

"Without giving details because I am not trying to make this about me, I have been through a lot including abuse. Yet, I would never consider killing someone, stealing from someone or even touching some else. There are many many people other than blacks who are having it difficult and who have had lousy childhoods yet they don't feel the need to behave that way, not all but many blacks do. I try to always put myself in someone else's shoes but I cannot place myself in the shoes of someone who kills or injures someone else."

Abuse does not give someone the right to abuse others.  It is not a legitimate reason for behaving like a crazed dingbat from Hell.

The pen is mightier than the sword.  Anyone who knows Nellie, particularly those who lives in the neighbor that we grew up in, knows that Nellie has been viciously attacking the character of her brothers, with me, Victor, getting special attention.  Nellie, even in court documents, has malign my character.

During mom's illness, I was largely quiet.  My priority was mom's care and well being and that of the household.  Now that mom has pass on to the other side, I'm making it my business to correct the lies and misinformation done by Nellie.

Any truth about Nellie that is not the actually truth at all, please let me know.

Nellie likes to litigate.  Yet she will not litigate because you can't successfully litigate against the truth.

As our mom would say, "Case closed".

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